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Recreational Gymnastics
Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

This class is suggested for girls & boys that are interested in gymnastics or are not sure where to start.  This program is a non-competitive program for kids 5 ½ and older.


Our Gymnastics Program is our most popular program we offer.  Our progressive step-by-step approach to gymnastics creates a safety-first attitude in our coaches and staff.  This class is challenging and fun, pushing the envelope of skill development and mastery.  With the advantage of four events (vault, bars, beam, and floor) plus trampoline, the students stay active and excited throughout class. 

Kokomotion teaches essential skills needed in all athletics.  The ability to run, skip, roll, balance, cartwheel, and jump is central to nearly all future sport endeavors.  No matter which eventual athletic endeavor is chosen, if any, gymnastics will play a significant role in preparing the child for their future.

Young Gymnast

Class 2 - Intermediate Gymnastics

This 55 minute class is for students that have tested out of Class 1.  This class begins with a coordination-based warm up and followed by a advanced stretch.  This class refines what was taught in Class 1 and begins the training for more advanced skills.  On Floor they will learn combination skills like Handstand Forward Rolls, lead ups for powerful Roundoffs, shaping for Back Handsprings, and flexibility skills like Bridge Kickovers.  Bars will continue to refine the Pullover, begin the training of Back Hip Circles, and begin the basics of Glides.  Beam will further challenge with Jumps & Turns and a little bit of tumbling!  Vault will start the journey of teaching them how to soar.  Basic Dive Rolls, Punch to Handstands and more start here.


This is where you start to fly!

Class 1 - Beginning Gymnastics

This is a 55 minute introductory class.  This class begins with a coordination-based warm up and followed by a basic stretch.  All students will learn the foundational skills on 4 events.  On Floor they will concentrate on Basic Rolls, Cartwheels, and Handstands.  They will learn basic swings, casting, and pullovers on Bars.  Balance, confidence, and bravery are gained on Beam.  Finally they will refine their run and jumping power on Vault.

This class will expect true mastery of the beginning skills and shapes.  These abilities are the basis for all skill development in the future.

This is where it all begins!


Class 3 - Advanced Gymnastics

This 85 minute class is for students that have tested out of Class 2.  This class refines what was taught in Class 2 and trains advanced skills.  On Floor they will advance combination skills like Back Extension Rolls, train Roundoffs & Back Handsprings, and advance flexibility skills like Back Walkovers & Limbers.  Bars will continue to polish the Back Hip Circles & Glides.  It will also train advanced skills like Basket Swings, Front Hip Circles and Underswing Dismounts.  Beam advances the Jumps & Turns and a lot more tumbling!  Vault trains a powerful run and larger skills.

Now you are airborne, what is next?

How about our Xcel Team!

All Classes are continuous enrollment.

You must inform us through the app, website, or email if you wish to change or stop taking classes.

This keeps your child's spot from being taken by other incoming students.  All instructions can be found on the Parent Portal tab.

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