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Men's 4x4 Team Program

This Kokomotion Program competes under the National Gymnastics Association (NGA) at levels 1 through level 5.  Gymnasts in this program compete Floor, Bars, Vault, & Mushroom.

Families are financially responsible for Monthly Tuition, Meet Entries, and Travel Expenses of the coach working the meet.  The Meet Entries and Travel Expenses will be dealt with through a monthly "Competition Fee" that spreads the expense over 8 months.

Competition Team is by invitation or by tryout.

Levels 1-5

Level 1-5 meets 2 times per week for 1.5 hours per practice.

Each Level will have routines that are choreographed in-house according to a set of rules made by the national governing body (NGA).  Every gymnast at this level (in this gym) will compete the same routine with minor differences.  The goal is to create a strong foundation of movement, control of one's body, and basic skills while training the core of the next level gymnastics.

Typically the Level 1 Team will compete about 5 meets (December Through April).

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