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Women's Team Trainees
Young Gymnast

Team Recruits

This twice a week 55 minute invitation only class is for students 4-7 years old that train for competitive gymnastics.  This class begins with a coordination-based warm up and followed by a advanced stretch.  This class refines what was taught in Preschool & Class 1 and begins the training for more advanced skills.  The major difference from the Recreational Program is the emphasis on form, strength, and the assumption that Team is the end goal.

On Floor they will refine skills like Handstands, Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, and Cartwheels.   They will begin shaping for Back Handsprings and train flexibility skills like Bridge Kickovers.  Bars will continue to refine the Pullover, begin the training of Back Hip Circles, and begin the basics of Glides.  Beam will further challenge with Jumps & Turns and a little bit of tumbling!  Vault will start the journey of teaching them how to soar.  Basic Dive Rolls, Punch to Handstands and more start here.

Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

Team Trainees

This twice a week 85 minute class is for students that have tested out of the Team Recruits.  This group will become the next season's Rookie Level 2 or Xcel Silver Team.  This class refines what was taught in the Team Recruits and prepares the students for competitive gymnastics. 

On Floor they will refine skills like Bridge Kickovers, train Straight-Arm Backward Roll, Roundoffs, Back Handsprings, and advance flexibility skills like Back Walkovers & Limbers.  Bars will continue to polish the Back Hip Circles & Glides.  It will also train advanced skills like Underswing Dismounts.  Beam advances the Jumps & Turns and takes the tumbling to High Beam!  Vault trains a powerful run and Handspring Flat Back Vaults.

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