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Compete with Class

What is the point of competition if not to strive to win? While we strive, we must know how to win, lose and place with class. While there are different definitions of winning, the most recognized is first place. If this is the only definition then the majority of athletes & coaches are LOSERS. We certainly don’t believe this. For Kokomotion, winning is performing to our maximum abilities (not to say we don't celebrate our champions). Since our athletes will inevitably end up both on the podium and off, we expect them to adhere to a classy code of conduct no matter where they place.

1. REPRESENT: If you forget all else, remember to always THINK, WALK, TALK, & FEEL classy. Remember you are representing your gym, family, and sport.

2. BE RESPECTFUL. If you win, be proud of yourself but be sure to be respectful to those who are not in the winning position. Winners act like winners. Honorable, dignified, and (most importantly) gracious.

3. NO EXCUSES: The results of competition can be the result of a single personal performance, inadequate preparation, coaching or just plain unfortunate luck. In any case WINNERS do not make excuses. They simply go back to work to prevent the undesired result from happening again.

4. COMPLIMENT YOUR OPPONENTS: Nothing is as disarming as a properly placed compliment. Nothing is more motivational than having someone throw WINNING in your face. Make it a habit of congratulating your opponents.

Finally, coaches and parents are the role models for proper behavior. Children often learn unsportsmanlike behavior from those closest to them. We should be held accountable for the example that we set. Kokomotion coaches are well aware of this, and we try to model proper sportsmanship. Parents are the most influential on their kids, and are encouraged to do the same.

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