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Women's USAG Junior Olympic Team

This level of training is by invitation or by tryout.  If you are former or current competitive gymnast looking to train with us, give us a call to set up a trial time.

Levels 2-5 - Compulsories

These levels have routines that are made by the national governing body (USA Gymnastics).  Every gymnast at these levels will compete the same routines across the country.  The goal at these levels is the create a strong foundation of their basic skills while training the core of optional level gymnastics.

Addie Swope 3.jpg

Levels 6-10 - Optionals

These levels have a large variability in style and skill.  Gymnasts & Coaches at these levels will compete various skills of similar difficulties and types.  As the levels progress there will be a larger degree of variability as the coaches tailor the routines to the gymnasts strengths.  The goal at these levels is the maintain the strong foundation of their core skills while training advanced skills.

McKenna Brooks 1.jpg

Kokomotion takes pride that our team is like our family.  We train together, we support each other, and we gather as a team outside the gym as well.  Team is a commitment, but it is committing to something good. 

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