What we are doing about Covid-19

Updated: Mar 17

The coronovirus has caused a bit of a panic in the USA, but we will be proactive at Kokomotion. We have just implemented a comprehensive daily mat disinfectant regimen. We also vacuum our gym floors every other day, and our lobby floors daily. All our restroom facilities will continue to be disinfected daily along with our door handles, knobs, and other commonly touched public objects.

The water fountain has been shut off to prevent any common germ transfer that happens among kids. Customers may bring in covered drinks or purchase colas or bottled water from our vending machine or refrigerator.

We ask that all customers either use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and upon exiting the building. Sanitizer is available by the entrance into the main gym. Avoid hand shakes. Wave & nod for now.

Thank you for your patronage, and we will keep vigilant!


210 E Alto Rd Kokomo, IN 45014


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